Mr. E's Electronics

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do you do on-site repairs?
A:Yes, if your item is too large to bring in, just call us to set up an appointment.

Q:Do you repair items under warranty?
A:Yes, if your item is under warranty, please bring a copy of your receipt with you so we can process the claim.

Q:Do I have to pay anything upfront?
A:Yes, for non-warranty items, there is an initial $40 drop off fee required at the time the product is dropped off and service is requested.

Q:What happens if my item is not covered by the warranty?
A:If a warranty item turns out that it is not a factory defect and is customer misuse, a $40 diagnostic fee is due upon product pick up.

Q:How long do repairs usually take?
A:Our estimated turnaround time is between 2 to 3 weeks. Some repairs might take longer due to parts being on backorder or other similar situations but rest assured that we will do everything we can to get your item repaired as quickly as possible.

Q:How long do I have before you assess storage fees?
A:Items left over 14 days from the date of the first call are subject to a $10 storage fee per week per item.

Q:What happens if I don’t pick up my item?
A:Items not picked up after 30 days from notification will be sold to cover repair costs.

Q:Why didn’t you call me?
A:Customers are responsible for notifying us of address and phone number changes.